My aminos

I have created 3 aminos that are in use: An Undertale RP amino, one for WoS-LC, and another for all of my other RP groups.

Kawaii Amino

This was my first amino when my friend got me into this app.

Name: Gaster Eddhead Otaku Warriorcat


Name: Gaster Eddhead Otaku Warriorcat

An amino for otalu's(anime/manga fans)

Inuyasha and the Feudal OC's

Inuyasha RP amino.

Name: Mizushiro.

Blue Exorcist rp amino

Name: Yoake(Dawn) Okumera

Rurouni Kenshin rp amino

Name: Yuushin Himura(Yukishiro)

Fairytale rp amino(i need to watch it XD)

Equestria amino

an MLP amino

I have a few more ill fully list when I can.